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CES 2018 AI Conference Schedule

Robotics Trends' AI conference at CES 2018 examines recent developments, current applications, and concerns about AI. Hear leading AI experts discuss the reality behind the hype and how AI will impact our everyday lives.
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RoboBusiness Announces Co-Location at PTC’s LiveWorx ‘18 Event
By RT Staff · 22 January, 2018 • PTC's LiveWorx is a fast-growing conference on digital innovation for business. RoboBusiness is teaming up with PTC to present the Robotics & AI Summit at LiveWorx '18 in June in Boston.
Adaptive Toy Project Uses Robotics to Help Children With Disabilities
By Eugene Demaitre · 22 January, 2018 • The Adaptive Toy Project is a unique interdisciplinary research project that is helping children with disabilities, according to Juan Aceros, an IEEE member and an assistant professor at the University of North Florida.
Breaking Down Autonomous Systems
By Jim Tung · 19 January, 2018 • Jim Tung, a fellow from Mathworks, a leading developer of mathematical computing software, breaks down this cutting-edge technology. He lays out AI’s profound implications for virtually every sector of the economy. Citing diverse examples, Tung argues that understanding the impact of autonomous systems has never been more important.
Self-Driving Taxis Giving Rides During CES 2018
By Steve Crowe · 3 January, 2018 • Aptiv and Lyft have teamed up to give CES 2018 attendees self-driving taxi rides to 20 pre-programmed destinations throughout Las Vegas. A fleet of eight Aptiv BMW 5 Series sedans will shuttle passengers around Jan. 9-12.
How to Trick Google’s AI into Thinking a Turtle is a Gun
By RT Staff · 20 December, 2017 • By attacking even black-box systems with hidden information, MIT CSAIL students show that hackers can break the most advanced AIs that may someday appear in TSA security lines and self-driving cars.
CES 2018 AI Conference Schedule
By Steve Crowe · 14 December, 2017 • Robotics Trends' AI conference at CES 2018 examines recent developments, current applications, and concerns about AI. Hear leading AI experts discuss the reality behind the hype and how AI will impact our everyday lives.
What Humanoid Backflips Mean for Robot Agility
By Oliver Mitchell · 29 November, 2017 • In just 24 months, machine agility has gone from the Keystone Kops to Aly Raisman. The speed of new technologies and processing power is in itself an Olympic feat, the dawn of autonomous bipedal humanoids is quickly approaching after 500 years of stagnation.
Toyota T-HR3 Humanoid Uses VR to Mimic Humans
By Steve Crowe · 21 November, 2017 • Toyota’s third-generation humanoid robot, the T-HR3, uses a force feedback-enabled control system, an HTC Vive VR headset, "data glove" and torque servos to mimic the movements of a human user.
3 Ways AR/VR Are Improving Autonomous Vehicles
By Todd Richmond, Director, USC Mixed Reality Lab · 15 November, 2017 • A lot of work still needs to be done before we start hailing our automated Ubers and Lyfts, whizzing around cities in fully autonomous vehicles. And Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality will play a large role in making the (safe) driverless vehicles of tomorrow a reality.
SpotMini Robot Dog Gets Major Makeover
By Steve Crowe · 14 November, 2017 • Boston Dynamics introduced a new version of its SpotMini robot dog. The new SpotMini has a whole new look, ditched the manipulator robot arm and added 3D vision cameras for obstacle avoidance.
Inside the Autonomous Super Highway Race
By Oliver Mitchell · 14 November, 2017 • As autonomous vehicles are speeding ahead toward adoption, one challenge that Cruise, Waymo and others may encounter within the busy canyons of urban centers is the loss of Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite data. Robots require a complex suite of coordinating data systems that bounce between orbiting satellites to provide positioning and communication links to accurately navigate our world.
AI Cooks up Recipes for Materials Fabrication
By MIT News · 9 November, 2017 • A new machine-learning system could pore through millions of research papers to extract “recipes” for producing materials.
Toyota Finds ‘Extreme’ Test Site for New Self-Driving Car
By Steve Crowe · 31 October, 2017 • Toyota Research Institute (TRI) will test its Platform 2.1 autonomous driving system at California’s GoMentum Station. TRI said "GoMentum’s varied terrain, and real-life infrastructure including roads, bridges, tunnels, intersections and parking lots provide the environment needed to accelerate testing of" autonomous vehicles.
Caltech Opens Autonomous Systems Research Center
By RT Staff · 30 October, 2017 • The Center for Autonomous Systems and Technologies, a new 10,000-square-foot facility at the California Institute of Technology, will unite engineers and scientists to advance research on robotics, drones, driverless cars, and machine learning.
Pepper Humanoid Robot Adds Facial Recognition Technology
By Steve Crowe · 27 October, 2017 • Pepper, the popular humanoid robot from Softbank, is adding facial recognition technology to its repertoire. SoftBank will use Ever AI's facial recognition platform in hopes of bringing new levels of personalization to Peppers interactions.

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